The De-Cider Trophy

Run by Challenge South West

Sponsored by

Chris Pedlar -  Event Co-ordinator & Clerk of the Course

Chris has been competing in trials and Challenge events for some 20 yrs with team mate Angus Norrish. Together they have competed in many events like the Warn Challenge, Bulldog Trophy, Milemarker Challenge, Webster Trophy and Muddy Truckers, with many wins to their name. Chris was also involved at the beginning of Challenge South West and is currently a Director and the Club Chairman.

Rick Tarr - Event Secretary & webmaster

Rick has been involved for many years in the AWDC and has been involved in Challenge South West from the beginning as a Director and Club Secretary.

Rick is the one who spends many hours behind the scenes sorting out club finances, the club website and all the general stuff that makes the club and the De-Cider tick over as well as it does.

Adam Cresswell - Chief Scrutineer

Having been part of the marshals team for many De-cider events, Adam has the area representative and is the Chief Scrutineer for the De-Cide Trophy. With experience as a mechanical engineer and professional Arborist Adam brings with him some very usefull skills when it comes to scrutineering vehicles and setting out sections for an event like the De-Cider.

Simon Parsons - Chief Marshal

Simon is the Chief Marshal for the De-Cider as well as being one of the South Devon Area Reps for the club. Simon has competed and marshaled in many CSW and other events and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the event.

Ian Hawes - Chief Recovery Marshal

Ian is the Marshals Co-ordinator on the De-Cider and also a South Devon Area Rep for the club. Ian works alongside Simon to Co-ordinate the marshals team on the De-Cider and has also built up a reputation from for setting up some pretty tough and challenging sections on this event.

Chris Bolt  - Chief Time Keeper

Chris has competed in Challenge events for several years now with his son Nick in their bright orange Landcruiser. They won both the AWDC Scorpion Racing Challenge 2007 & the Howling Wolf 2008 in standard class. Chris is also an East Devon Area Rep for the club and is normally deeply involved in, among other things the set up of the night sections enjoyed by many on this event.

Andy Stone-Wright - Assistant Scrutineer

Andy has been with the club for several years now having helped out with Scrutineering and marshalling at the De-Cider.

Ally Pike - Event Administration and Section Marshal

Ally has been with the club and helping out at the De-Cider for several years. Her experience as an award winning vehicle accident repair assessor comes in very handy if you manage to have a mishap with your car. As attendants of the 2012 event may have also noticed during the hogroast she also has a second passion for all things that go moo! Ally is an experienced event marshal so if you fail to wear your seat belt you will know about it!